Worship in Church!

87.9 FM on the radio in your car if you choose. Click here for more.


803 Buffalo Church Rd
Buffalo Junction, VA 24529

Worship Times

9 am Sunday School (Adults)
10 am Worship

7-7:30 pm Night For The Desperate
7-8:00 pm Youth Worship

Something for Children of All Ages!

Our heart is to see every child believe in Jesus and follow Him.

    • Nursery to kids’ worship available. (Not at this time)
    • Engaged partnerships with parents and families.
    • A safe and exciting way to grow closer to Jesus Christ.

The god of Approval

The disguised, deceptive sin of people-pleasing   Ah, people-pleasing. The indiscriminate evil that chokes out believer and non-believer alike. The almost silent and often disguised wickedness that many may not realize they bare. It’s cunning, this one… this sin, I mean.   It brings to mind the words of our Lord during His description of…

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Let The Text Speak!

Finding Hope Through Biblical Teaching   Picture this. It’s Sunday morning, and you’re frantic, trying to get the kids ready for church after a long 40 plus hour workweek, only to find your son Jackson with at least 80% of his brother’s breakfast all over the freshly ironed shirt that you just clothed him with.…

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``Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations...`` Matthew 28:19

Upcoming Events

We’d love for you to be our special guest at any of our church events.
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We hope to see you soon at Buffalo Baptist Church!

Our church family looks forward to serving and connecting with you in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us.