Sunday School

Are you looking for a way to connect to people in the church and in your community? People with the same interests and in the same phase of life that you’re in? Sunday School at Buffalo Baptist Church is the place for you. We have a Sunday School class for people of every age group and in every walk of life.

All of the curriculum we use is designed to help you get a finer grasp on what the Bible teaches and each of our Sunday School teachers arrive to church well prepared to lead you into engaging the Word. Our children and youth are engaged in a study through the Bible with the Gospel Project materials, while our adult classes are engaging God’s word with the Explore the Bible Series by Lifeway.

Sunday Schools starts at 9:45 with all of the adults meeting in the basement for announcements and singing during our opening assembly, and our children meeting in the basement for some praise music of their own. On the first Sunday of each month everyone meets in the basement at 9:45 for coffee, donuts, and fellowship.

We’re looking forward to having you join us this Sunday!