EQUIP Mentored Internship Program


Equip is a mentored internship program in which Buffalo Baptist Church partners with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to equip ministers of the gospel.

Each internship is carefully crafted to assist each intern with achieving specific goals that will allow the intern to be successful in his/her ministry.

By completing all of the requirements for the course, the student will be eligible to earn three credit hours towards his/her bachelor’s or master’s degree under the course code PMN6591 or MIN4560 depending on the program of study. The course can be taken up to three times for a total of nine credit hours possible.

Upon completing the course, the student should be equipped to:
• Engage the Bible in a meaningful way.
• Understand Scripture according to authorial intent.
• Grasp the Redemptive story line of the Bible
• Communicate the truths of Scripture clearly and concisely.

Sample Syllabus