Our Staff

 Youth Intern

Matt and Julie

Matt’s three loves are God, people, and music. God being the first. He strives to glorify God through fulfilling the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Mathew 28:18-20). These combined form the basis for evangelism, discipleship, and Christian community. His passion is to reach those who don’t know Christ with the gospel message and continue to encourage their faith through bible teaching and Christ-centered worship. Through this process, disciples will be equipped to go on and make other disciples furthering Christ’s kingdom and growing His church.

As a minister to youth (grades 6-12), his goals are the same as with anyone. He has a heart for making disciples of young people and equipping them to share Christ as well as deepen and defend their faith. He fully believes that youth aren’t just the future of the church, they are an integral part of the body of Christ now. They are fully capable of understanding the deep truths of the bible and living out the Commandment and Commission of Christ in meaningful ways. Matt is committed to helping them understand their role in serving the church and reaching the world for Christ.

Matt is newly married to his beautiful wife Julie. They moved to Buffalo Junction/Clarksville in obedience to God’s call. They met during their undergraduate studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg. Matt studied music and worship arts in undergraduate school and is currently seeking a master’s degree at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. His wife works as an RN and serves the church by teaching children and assisting Matt with youth.